Please note PHH is planning to operate “business-as-usual” during the current, ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. We have made precautions for social-distancing and remote working for our office-based activities.

For any site work, PHH already has the appropriate PPE, RPE, and control measures in place to prevent the spread of hazardous microscopic particles like asbestos and viruses. For this reason, we do not anticipate any significant disruption to our technical onsite services.

We are monitoring the situation, as well as Government/official guidance, and will advise if this changes in the future.

We would also advise that if you have any void properties requiring surveys or abatement works then this is the perfect time to get this work completed.

For more information on our preparations for COVID-19 please see our full Business Continuity Plan Here.

We are Energy Efficiency and Sustainability experts who work tirelessly with our broad range of clients to help reduce running costs and their impact on the environment.

Our broad range of services enables our clients to satisfy their UK and EU legal responsibilities and also provide technical consultation, due diligence, and “peace of mind” in this ever evolving industry.