Energy Audits



PHH Energy’s auditing services are designed to analyze, audit, manage, and present recommendations to businesses that wish to understand, manage, and minimize their energy consumption levels. Clients in the industrial, oil and gas, real estate, mining, manufacturing, construction, and transmission sectors are all facing the realization that operations and facilities take a multitude of energy inputs to run each and every day.

Our services will help clients truly understand what energy their business requires and highlight how to make energy consumption improvements. Key areas of our Energy Consumption Services are outlined below, contact us today if your business is considering an evaluation and improvement strategy.

Energy Strategy

  • Energy baselining
  • Contracts review and energy procurement
  • Energy footprinting

Energy Audits for Buildings

  • Cursory level audits and facility reviews
  • Detailed audits and recommendations

Managing Energy Upgrades for Buildings

  • Recommendations for upgrades
  • Cost analysis and funding strategies
  • EPCs and retrofit
  • Project managing upgrades
  • Renewable energy systems design consultation and review

GHG Reporting and Strategies – Coming Soon

  • Greenhouse gas base lining
  • Greenhouse gas inventories
  • Greenhouse gas management strategies

Energy Choice Options

The benefits of our Energy Management services include, but are not limited to: –

  • Quantitative Analysis of Energy consumption levels
  • Strategies for reducing consumption
  • Options for energy selection
  • Operational cost reductions
  • Efficiency improvements to operations
  • Carbon credit ratings and refunds
  • Strategic information for managerial decision making
  • Improved building design
  • Optimal equipment and technology implementation
  • Building occupant health improvement

Benefits of our services include quantified baselines, deficiencies, comparison of alternative applications, improvement strategies, regulatory inducements to reduce energy impact, and management of energy consumption and emissions.


  • Property Managers
  • Developers
  • Asset Managers
  • Building Owners
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts
  • Industrial
  • Governments
  • Healthcare
  • Educational Institutions

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