Health and Safety at PHH

PHH’s Company Ethos is based on three guiding principles – Service – Integrity – Excellence. Of course, this can only be achieved by maintaining our commitment to providing a safe workplace for all employees.

Safety is an integral part of our work to maintain the protection of employees, clients, property, the environment, and the public. PHH will strive for an accident-free workplace by reasonably complying with health and safety legislation, communicating health and safety hazards to employees, and providing appropriate training and personal protective equipment.

Every employee is responsible for maintaining the safety program. Managers are responsible for identifying safety needs, communicating safety hazards, investigating hazardous conditions and accidents, providing training, supplying or wearing personal protective equipment and maintaining all equipment.

PHH employees are responsible for following all internal health and safety policies and the safety policies of our clients. Everyone must follow safe work procedures, wear and use personal protective equipment when required, participate in health and safety training programs, and inform supervisors of any unsafe conditions immediately. Everyone has the right and responsibility to refuse to do work when unsafe conditions exist.

By fulfilling our responsibilities, we will all share the benefits of a safe workplace.

PHH adheres to the principles of the Contractors Health and Safety (CHAS) Assessment Scheme, with whom our sister company (PHH Environmental UK Limited) is Accredited with.